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New Business Goals/ Collaborate with us!

Business Update: During our downtime this year, our organization made some critical business changes to increase our impact in the years to come. We reframed our goals to target three main areas:


Research and Development/ Innovation


All initiatives and projects moving forward will fall under one of these three categories. Examples of projects include: Education:

  • School education drives

Research and Development

  • Research on Circular Economy from a festival perspective

  • Redesigning of Carnival Costumes

  • Music Truck Electrification

Consulting/ Implementation

  • Measuring waste during events

  • Reducing costs associated with waste disposal

  • Procuring sustainable alternative materials

  • Reuse/ disposal of Event decor

  • Reusable food packaging

These ideas are just some of the few that we want to work on. Reach out to us for further collaboration at

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