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  • What happens to my costume after I donate?
    Your costume is cleaned and recycled in it's entirety. Regular bras are donated to local and internal women's non-profits. Wire frames are also donated to local costume designers. While wire bras and feathers will be resold on our online Eco-Store. Selling these items allows Carnicycle to sutsain itself and recycle from island to island.
  • Are you a non-profit?
    No we are not a non-profit. We are classified as a social enterprise. A social enterpise is a for-profit business that focuses on social causes at its core, but does not rely soley on sponsorships or donations to sustain itself.
  • What do you not accept?
    Boxers, panties, and briefs.... for now!
  • What do you accept?
    We accept: Costume: Female Costumes: Headpiece Wings/ Backpacks Leg and Arm Pieces Wire and Regular Bras Stray Feathers Male Costumes: Headpiece Wings/ Backpacks Carnival Shorts Leg and Arm Pieces Stray Feathers Jouvert: Shoes Shirts Bandanas Costumes Boxes
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