Frequently asked questions

What happens to my costume after I donate?

Your costume is cleaned and recycled in it's entirety.

Regular bras are donated to local and internal women's non-profits. Wire frames are also donated to local costume designers.
While wire bras and feathers will be resold on our online Eco-Store. Selling these items allows Carnicycle to sutsain itself and recycle from island to island.

Are you a non-profit?

No we are not a non-profit. We are classified as a social enterprise. A social enterpise is a for-profit business that focuses on social causes at its core, but does not rely soley on sponsorships or donations to sustain itself.

What do you not accept?

Boxers, panties, and briefs.... for now!

What do you accept?

We accept:

Female Costumes:
Wings/ Backpacks
Leg and Arm Pieces
Wire and Regular Bras
Stray Feathers

Male Costumes:
Wings/ Backpacks
Carnival Shorts
Leg and Arm Pieces
Stray Feathers

Costumes Boxes