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We collect carnival costumes (Carnival bras, backpacks, head pieces and arm and leg pieces and male shorts) as well as other clothing items, such as J'ouvert wear and shoes,  from various carnivals with the help of volunteers, partners and masquerders.

When there is not a carnival, we continually collect costumes through the year at our Upcycle markets! 

Head over to our events page to see if we  have any upcoming markets!


Our team dismantles costumes into their various parts. We then sanitize the costumes and other donated items to prepare them for resale or donation.



We donate the bras and clothes to local women shelter's of the country we collect in. We also donate wire frames back to local designers. 

To sustain our business we resell collected feathers at a discounted value at Upcycle Markets and at our Eco Shop!

Head over to our events page to see if we  have any upcoming markets!


Hundreds of thousands of animal feathers such as ostrich and goose feathers are used to create beautiful costumes. We recycle and sell these feathers at a reduced cost to sustain our business and give these feathers a second life.


We recycle the plastic beads and gems that are known to give costumes their sparkle.


Bras are one of the least donated items, yet there are tons of young girls, teens, mothers who need bras. We donate the regular bras we collect to local woman shelters in the country we are collecting bras in, as well as Free the Girls. 

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