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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

J'ouvert is definitely Top 2 when it comes to Carnival.. and it's not number 2.

Many skip out playing mas in costumes some years but refuse to skip J'ouvert. Can you really blame them? What's better than jammin' to the sweet sounds of soca at the crack down while simultaneously being dosed in paint, powder, oil and mud? We dare you to name a better combination! The topic of J'ouvert and its welcomed mess leads us into this week's #ecoswap. After all the soca induced adrenaline has died down, J'ouvert paint remains...

A lot have people put away their hair for J'ouvert to avoid the inevitable clean up of paint other specified substances that got in their hair. So what should you use if you choose leave your tresses out? You guessed it: shampoo bars!

They are just like soap bars, but for your hair? Crazy right. They are capable of cleansing your hair just as well as liquid shampoos but they eliminate millions of of plastic bottles in the process. A study by Johnson and Johnson, a popular consumer goods company, estimated that over 552 million plastic shampoo bottles end in the landfill annually. We've already why this is terrible in previous eco swaps. Plastic is not the only problem. Many liquid shampoo bottles are filled with chemicals that strip you hair (sulfates and parabens); are not certified cruelty-freel and are actually filled with mostly water (around 80%).

Shampoo bars are the opposite of these dreadful liquid bars as the majority of shampoo bars are vegan, cruelty free, made with natural ingredients and concentrated into a bar. Meaning you will only need a little bit of product to kiss the lingering oil and mud in your hair goodbye.

Still not swayed? Do you have special needs for you hair? Similar to liquid shampoos, bars come in various formulations to tackle various hair conditions from dry hair to curly or color treated hair. Did you know there were conditioner bars? We found out through research and it's pretty awesome.

If you're still not pleased with what's on the market. Fear not, because just like bar soaps, you can make your own shampoo bars and customize it with you favorite essential oils or moisture sealing ingredients.

We took the time to research some of the most popular shampoo bars on the market right now:

Curly Girl Shampoo Bars

Natural Shampoo Bars

Conditioner Bars

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