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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

So you're prepping for the road.

You got your braided for the trip or coloured to match your costume. Your make up artist has been booked up for 2 months now. You just bought your Carnival tights today. All that's left for you to do on your checklist is shave! So you go to pick up.... wait... is that a disposable, plastic razor??


Ladies and Gentlemen, for your next Carnival trip, we want you to consider making an #Ecoswap. Trade in your plastic, disposable razor for a reusable safety razor! And of course, if you want to skip shaving all together and sport your beautiful natural hairs, you have our support!

Safety razors aren't new, in fact they have been around for much longer than disposable razors before they became the next big convenient and trendy item. But luckily for us, safety razors have recently started to become popular again. This is important guys!

The EPA estimates that over 2 billion razors end up in landfill each year. This combined with the fact that plastic can not biodegrade, and it's pretty impossible to recycle razors even if you wanted to, gives you all the more reason to switch to the reusable safety razor. If this doesn't convince you here are some other benefits of using a safety razor:

  1. Life time Use- The base (handle) lasts for a life time because all you have to do is replace the razor blades.

  2. Cost- While the upfront cost of safety razor may be more expensive ($18-$200). Disposable razors at around $8/pack end up costing more overtime. Additionally, because the base handles pretty much last forever, you can buy second hand handles online for as low as 5 bucks. Replacement razor blades also are pretty cheap with a price point of $0.15- $1.00/ blade (typically comes in packs of 50 or 100).

  3. Plastic Free Handle- Safety razor handles are typically made of recyclable materials such Metal or Bamboo

If you want to make positive decisions. Please consider switching over to safety razors, there are a bunch of different options for beginners and advanced shavers. As well as different options for your hair type (really thing to really course).

You can check out these websites to find a wide range of safety razors:

  1. Rockwell Razors

  2. West Coast Shaving

  3. Oui Shave- (This company targets female shavers specifically!)

  4. Amazon

Here are some choices that we recommend:

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